Sirmaxo is a dynamic, innovative company at the forefront of infection control technology. With a renowned reputation for pushing the boundaries of design and technology, innovation underpins everything we do at Sirmaxo. Our experienced product design and manufacturing professionals put your infection control needs first. Collaborating with our partners, customers and other professionals familiar with the demands in healthcare environments. We specialise in design, manufacture and distribution of revolutionary infection control premium products and the provision of exceptional aftercare support to enhance safety in any healthcare environment.

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Sirmaxo’s research and development team have been working closely with clinicians since 2003 to understand how pathogens manifest and multiply within the healthcare environment. Knowing which micro-organisms are responsible for infection and how they are transmitted is the first step in developing a strategy for managing the risks associated with acquired infections.



Our high-quality, sustainably-manufactured products are designed to reduce infections and improve patient care at every opportunity. We're proud to act responsibly as an employer, as a manufacturer and as a part of the global Infection Control community. Customers come to us because we are the best at everything we do. From our technology and products through to service delivery and customer relationships, we aspire to be known as outstanding.



Our Specialist Solutions works for many of the biggest, and the smallest, companies in the India and abroad, across every industry sector. We understand the importance of providing your customers and employees with a safe, hygienic environment, allowing you to carry out your day-to-day business without the concerns poor hygiene can bring.


Premium solutions for infection control, prevention, and safety with a trademark of innovation and a seal of quality meeting international standards


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