Board of Directors


Founder and Chairman

Our Founder, Mr Suresh Bhatwadekar epitomized the dauntless entrepreneurial spirit of a visionary always on the march to bring change in humanity. Very early in 1978 he identified the need of a dominating disinfectant for hospitals, especially government hospitals in Mumbai. With his dynamic, pioneering and innovative genius, and sterling qualities he researched about the application of Benzalkonium Chloride as a surface disinfectant until then which was primarily used as a preservative. His success story fired the imagination of a generation of Indian entrepreneurs, business leaders and progressive companies. For many, he still remains an icon, a role model to be emulated. He aspired to make it available in every industry and hence the establishment of Sirmaxo Chemicals.

Mrs. Hema Bhatwadekar

Vice Chairman

Mrs Hema Bhatwadekar wife of Mr. Suresh Bhatwadekar, joined the firm making it administratively and financially strong. She being a Jamanalal Bajaj management school (Mumbai) topper had commendable management skills. She became the pioneer for Sirmaxo’s export market and created an international presence in many countries across the globe.

Mr. Jaydeep Bhatwadekar

Managing Director

Jaydeep Bhatwadekar (B Pharm MBA) son of Mr. Suresh Bhatwadekar followed and continued the same ethos of the company and led it to achieve its global presence. By introducing various new technologies and training, he gave strength to the wings of Sirmaxo to fly overseas and marked sirmaxo’s flagship in more than 40 countries across the globe. He is instrumental in new product selection and its development with new innovative ideas.
He is Managing Director of SIRMAXO. His vision and skills are backed with good team and SIMAXO is ready to take big leaps under his leadership skills. The promptness of his decision making skills and adaptation to latest technologies makes him the leader of choice. His visionary and meticulous planning ensures SIRMAXO reaching new heights in near future.

Mrs. Kalpana Bhatwadekar

Executive Director

Leadership team of SIRMAXO spotted a gem, Mrs. Kalpana Bhatwadekar wife of Mr. Jaydeep Bhatwadekar and onboarded her on the Sirmaxo’s Success Journey. The team became stronger further with the Kalpana’s introduction in the Sirmaxo family. Being a post graduate topper in Pharmacy, she took responsibility of Research & Development and Quality to ensure all accreditations are retained and newer are embraced by SIRMAXO. Innovation and Structured working style helps SIRMAXO to dream big & become pioneer in many fields led by Kalpana.