Our Presence

A continuous dialogue with our customers is the first ingredient for a successful business. We think it is vital to talk with our customers rather than to them. Their stories show us the right direction for the constant improvement of our products and services. In order to succeed in this task, we need to be where they are, to be physically close to them.

For this reason, we are constantly working to improve all customer touch points. Thanks to the Sirmaxo’s network, we are present in more than 40 countries with either our Technology Centers, a fully operative local branch, a distributor or a group of service people dedicated to the customers’ needs.

Furthermore, we are supported by a widespread network of specialized few hundred distributors and agents across India. SIRMAXO is also committed to maintaining proximity. Our long-established local roots stretching back many years offer you the guarantee of stability, safety, proven cultural and linguistic expertise and an understanding of local issues which are vital to the business development & expansion.

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Domestic Presence

International Presence