Sanidex® OPA Plus

High level instrument disinfectant


  • Ortho-phthaladehyde 0.6% w/w


  • High level disinfection of Endoscopes (flexible and rigid),laproscopes, Anaesthetic and dental equipmpents, Medical instruments used in ENT and Respiratory theory

Shelf life: 24 Months


  • Offers high level disinfection of medical devices & intruments in just 12 mins/ 5 min AER
  • Effectively kills bacteria, virus & Fungi
  • Ready to use 30 days reusable solution

Special Features

  • Certified by EN Norms for proving bactericidal, fungicidal, Viricidal and Microbicidal activity
  • CE certified Also available with test strips and deactivator


  • 5Ltr

Available Reports

  1. EN 13727 bactericidal
  2. EN 13624 fungicidal
  3. EN 14348 Mycobactericidal

  • Sanidex OPA solution is a ready to use solution.
  • It doesn't require activation or Dilution
  • Instruments should be thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and roughly dried before using Sanidex OPA solution

High level disinfection:

  • Use for a maximum of 14 days at 20°C with an immersion time of 12 minutes
  • After using Sanidex OPA solution, the instrument should be thoroughly cleaned before use