Surface & Equipment disinfection concentrate


Each 100gm Contains:

  • (Ethylenedioxy) dimethanol 14.1gm
  • Strong Glutaraldehyde Solution IP equivalent to Glutaraldehyde 5.0 gm


  • Surface disinfection of critical and non-critical areas
  • Aerial disinfection
  • Equipment disinfection

Shelf life: 24 Months


  • Excellent cleansing properties -Specially designed for disinfection of patient rooms, operation theatre environment and surfaces, effective in presence of organic matter, economic as it is effective at lower concentration


  • 500 ml, 5Ltr

Available Reports

  1. EN 13624 Fungicidal
  2. EN 14348 Mycobactericidal
  3. EN 13727 Bactericidal
  4. EN 14347 Sporicidal
  5. EN 14476 Virucidal

For all the applications:

  • Use 1% Sanirmax solution with water
  • Add the appropriate amount of Sanirmax and stir until the powder has dissolved, leaving a clear pink solution
  • Contact time 10 min