Saniquad® M 20

Chlorhexidine and Alcohol based dry Hand rub


  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution IP 20 % v/v
  • equivalent to Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4.0 % w/v


  • Surgical Hand disinfection
  • Hand Scrubbing
  • Preoperative skin preparation
  • Bathing below neck

Shelf life: 36 Months



  • Persistent antimicrobial activity up to 6 hours thus preventing regrowth of microbes on skin
  • Reliable to use in OTs and ICUs
  • Advanced emollient rich base to prevent dry cracked hands
  • Protection and maintenance of skin integrity
  • Excellent skin compatibility and non-irritating to skin unlike iodine containing products

Special Features

  • Proven efficiency as a hygienic hand wash as per EN testing method


  • 100 ml, 500 ml (Domestic)
  • 100 ml, 500 ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltr (International)

Available Reports

  1. EN 1499 – Hygienic Hand wash
  2. EN 13727 – Bactericidal Activity

Use undiluted

For antimicrobial hand washing

  • Take 5 ml Saniquad M20 onto wet hands and wash for 30 seconds. Rinse hands thoroughly and dry

For Surgical hand washing

  • Repeat above step and wash for 2 minutes. Rinse hands thoroughly and dry with sterile towel

For body cleansing

  • On wet body, take sufficient amount of Saniquad M 20 to work up lather. Rinse thoroughly and dry