Saniquad® PVP G

Povidone Iodine Gynaecological Solution 10%


  • Povidone Iodine USP 10% w/v (i.e. 1% w/v available iodine)


  • Saniquad PVP G is antiseptic. This medicine is indicated in the local supportive treatment of certain vaginal infections

Shelf life: 36 Months


  • Offers broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, virus & fungi
  • No staining to skin
  • Safe vaginal cleanser in treatment of vaginitis & preoperative preparation of vagina
  • Offers prompt symptomatic relief of minor vaginal irritation & itching


  • 125ml

Mode of Administration: Vaginal Tract

  • As directed by Physician & Surgeon

Frequency of Administration:

  • The frequency of administration is fixed by the doctor in accordance with needs of the patients