Saniquad® PVP S 4

Povidone Iodine Cleansing Solution 4%


  • Povidone Iodine USP 4% w/v (i.e. 0.4% w/v available iodine)


  • As a pre – operative and postoperative hand wash and presurgical skin preparation

Shelf life: 24 Months


  • Offers broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, virus , fungi & protozoa
  • Offers effective surgical hand washing & preoperative body cleansing
  • Excellent skin tolerability


  • 125 ml, 500 ml

Available Reports

  1. Antimicrobal efficacy against bacteria and fungi

Surgeons/Operating Teams:

    For cleansing and de-germing hands, Wet hands and forearms:
  • Take about 5 ml of Saniquad PVP S 4 and spread all over, scrubbing thoroughly for about 5 minutes to work up the foam
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water
  • Complete the rinsing using another 5 ml of Saniquad PVP S 4 in the same way

Patients: Pre-operative use:

  • Wet the shaved skin area. Apply Saniquad PVP S 4 and rub thoroughly for 5 mins. Rinse off, using sterile gauze saturated with water