Saniocid® RF

Aldehyde free, Effective & fast acting Disinfectant Spray

Each 100 gm contains:

  • 2- propanol IP 40 gm, 1- propanol BP 22 gm


  • Disinfection of high touch areas
  • Electronic devices, Dental chairs, Equipment, cardiac monitors, Operation tables, CT scanners, Plastic curtains etc.

Shelf life: 12 Months


  • Optimum alcohol concentration for medical equipment disinfection as per CDC guidelines
  • Offers rapid alcohol based surface and equipment disinfection , Excellent in critical areas like OTs, HIV endangered spheres and dental clinics
  • Dries without visible residue and disinfects within the time span of 30 sec to 5 min


  • 250 ml, 1Ltr (Domestic)
  • 250 ml, 1Ltr (International)

Available Reports

  1. Antimicrobial Report

  • Saniocid RF is ready to use
  • Saturate the cloth withSaniocid RF solution and wipe surfaces
  • If product is sprayed on, wipe with cloth
  • When surfaces are wetted completely, the solution is effective within 30 seconds