Low alcohol concentrate spray disinfectant

Each 100 gm contains:

  • Ethanol 10 gm
  • 1- propanol 6 gm
  • 2- propanol 9 gm


  • Suitable for the rapid spray/wipe disinfection of sensitive surfaces and surfaces difficult to access like edges, grooves, valves of packaging and manufacturing equipment
  • Ideal for a quick disinfection in pharmaceutical sterile sections, and surfaces of machines etc.
  • For quick disinfection in areas where fast reaction period is necessary e.g. working table surfaces, protective covers of fillings and packing machines etc.

Shelf life: 36 Months



  • Effective against bacteria & fungi
  • Aldehyde-free rapid disinfectant for sensitive surfaces
  • Preferred alcohol based surface and equipment disinfectant
  • Excellent wetting properties


  • 250 ml bottle


  • Antimicrobial Report (Haffkine Institute)

Method of Use:

  • Spray on desired surface, with appropriate nozzle
  • Allow 25 seconds to 5 minutes contact, for optimum results
  • Wipe with clean cellulose cloth