The safe, eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Biodegradable and Sporicidal surface and aerial disinfectant


  • Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide 11% w/v
  • Diluted Silver Nitrate Solution 0.01% w/v


  • Ideal for fogging in packaging, filing areas, clinical, research & development labs, quality control and quality assurance labs
  • Biodegradable disinfectant containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no traces of elements
  • Suitable for surface disinfection of large floor areas in the manufacturing facilities of pharma industry

Shelf life: 12 Months



  • Broad Spectrum antimicrobial efficacy
  • EN certified sporicidal disinfectant
  • Aldehyde and Chlorine free
  • Non-carcinogenic and Non-mutagenic
  • Non toxic, non –irritating disinfectant

*Passes Skin Sensitivity test as per ISO 10993 & HCIPT test.


  • 1 L & 5 L jerry can


  • Antimicrobial Report (Haffkine Institute)
  • EN 13704 – Sporicidal Activity
  • Anti-mycobacterium Activity (Haffkine Institute)
  • Surface efficacy and antimicrobial Report as per USP 1072 on 3 surfaces and 7 microorganism


Application Concentration Sanishield Demineralized Water Contact Time
Fogging 5 % v/v 50 ml 950 ml Fogging time and shut down time as per area
Surface disinflation 5 % v/v 50 ml 950 ml 5 min