Saniocid RF

Rapid & effective spray disinfectant

Each 100 gm contains:

  • 2- propanol 40 gm
  • 1- propanol 22 gm


  • Suitable for disinfection of highly touched surfaces in clean rooms, sterile rooms, general areas, manufacturing and packaging areas
  • For rapid cleaning and disinfection of sensitive surfaces, difficult to reach surfaces e.g. threads, stopcocks, valves etc.
  • For cleaning & disinfection of Stainless steel cupboards, Trolleys, Handles etc.
  • For quick disinfection in areas where quick reaction period is necessary i.e. to reduce idle period during production e.g. laminar airflows, biosafety cabinets, working stations etc.

Shelf life: 12 Months



  • Effectively kills bacteria, fungi & viruses
  • Offers rapid disinfection of sensitive surfaces, difficult to reach surfaces, electronic devices & high touch surfaces
  • Aldehyde free


  • 1 L & 250 ml with spray bottle


Antimicrobial Report from International Lab for

  • Bactericidal Activity
  • Fungicidal Activity
  • Viricidal Activity
  • Tuberculocidal Activity

Method of use:

  • Spray on desired surface, with appropriate nozzle
  • Allow 25 seconds to 5 minutes contact, for optimum results
  • Wipe with clean cellulose cloth


  • No disinfection to be done when combustible vapours (ether etc.) are present in the room
  • Hot surfaces must be cooled sufficiently before using Saniocid RF
  • No “switching” actions if electronic devices are in use, while disinfecting
  • For best results, ventilation should be kept low, or started 5 minutes after spraying