Proteolytic Enzyme Based Cleaner


  • Protease


  • Pre-cleaning of medical instruments before High level disinfection/sterilization
  • For use in ultrasonic cleaning units, tunnel washing and endoscope reprocessing units

Shelf life: 24 Months


  • Ensure effective instrument sanitation prior to high level disinfection or sterilization
  • Compatible with automatic washing equipment and endoscope reprocessing units


  • 1Ltr, 5Ltr (Domestic)
  • 1Ltr, 1Gallon, 5Ltr (International)

Available Reports

  1. Instrument Compatibility Report

  • Where possible remove excess contamainants by rinsing in cold running water Dilute 8 ml of Sanizyme per 1 Ltr of water. For equipment with dried-on organic matter, use 16 ml of Sanizyme per 1 Ltr of water/ or use warm water
  • Soak equipment's immediately after use, until all organic matter is dissolved and removed
  • Remove the instruments and rinse with water prior to sterilization. Discard solution after use